The Rodrigues de Paula, Lda. is a company created from a family business that sells garlic for about 50 years. The experience and knowledge acquired have been the seed for the internationalization of the company and to the establishment of new commercial relationships.
Over the years we have built a supply network with different producers of garlic that make our product the most reliable in the market.
Our garlic is of the national production, but also import and export our product.
We have as a priority the satisfaction of the client, so we work the garlic in various sizes, varieties and packaging forms.
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The first step to ensure the quality of the garlic we sell is a thorough selection of the seed and/or cloves of garlic large and healthy.

The next step goes by the choice of land for cultivation. Garlic likes sandy soils and light, with good drainage and organic fertilizers and mineral. The garlic cloves are generally planted between October and November, because garlic requires the low temperatures of the short days of Winter to encourage the development of roots.

The garlic has a root system relatively shallow, just very sensitive to weather conditions, be it dry or wet. In this case the amount of water to apply will always depend on the type of soil, as the scarcity or excess of water can cause the bulbs too small.

The harvest of the garlic occurs around 8-9 months after planting. The right time to harvest is when the leaves begin to shrivel. Once removed from the earth garlic are placed in the sun to dry in sauces. After you are cleaned, cut and placed in palotes de madeira, in which to continue their drying process in a dry, ventilated and protected from the sun.

From this time the apples are ready to be properly calibrated, packaged and stored in refrigeration chambers so as to lock the germination of garlic which thus arrives in the best condition to the final consumer.